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Elizabeth Anthony Gronert

Elizabeth Anthony Gronert

Ever wonder “can it get better than this?” Blessed to be a wife to the “best” husband, mother to amazing adult kids, Gma to precious grandchildren, and friend to an abundance of wonderful people. Privileged to serve people and families with the wisdom acquired over the years. Passionate about sharing what I have learned with others to help them lead their “Best” life possible!

Being self-employed for 35+ years….has been a diverse experience starting with the professional beauty industry, then ten years of fashion, four years of helping people sleep more restoratively, and now, using these eclectic skills to consult with those searching for options.  With this focus, we have partnered with a number of treasured resources who help us help others “be more comfortable.”  With these wellness advocates, resources and manufacturers we have been able to share my talents as a personal & business stylist helping people put their best foot forward and feel their best utilizing the many years in the professional beauty field as a licensed cosmetologist, nail technician, esthetician and make-up artist….especially assisting with those who have skin sensitivities and are living a gluten free, grain free, allergy free, toxin & carcinogen free life style.

Almost half of my years in business, I was a single mom while caring for my mother in our home…it is thrilling when we get to work with other Parents, Grandparents (our first grandchild arrived December 2013) and Families – educating that they have affordable choices – they can have it all! One of our favorite referrals is an online store where you purchase direct from the manufacturer – save money & time shopping all MADE-IN-THE-USA, with a 31 year old company that gives one peace of mind that everything purchased is safe for their family. Plus for those who are striving for financial wellness, they can refer others to this resource (it is not an MLM or party plan business simply an online shopping cooperative.) We are able to help peace of mind about what they have in their home and not worry about their finances. Most of all, we have the connections and experience to guide people – help them find alternatives to develop HOPE – we interviewed over 60 companies in 2012 before making our business decisions. We are happy to tell what our parameters are and what we learned about each and every one of the companies we met with. We are here to support and encourage any way we can! Being a veteran trainer, coach and mentor, we currently work with business associates spanning 20 states and in the UK….and growing every day!

14 years ago, I married the man of my dreams (after 21 years as a single mom, I do not take this for granted!) It didn’t happen “by accident” – it was truly divine intervention. God meant for us to find each other. We are blessed to serve our community and our church together. Kris and I are Lay Ministers/Section Leaders on Saturday 5:30PM Service at Willow Creek Church, South Barrington Campus. Come visit with us and our section members – just ask for Sections 104B & 105B on the Main Floor. Call or text my cell at (847) 502-8394 and we will save you seats!

We treasure sharing our gifts, experience and “life” resources with our friends, family and their friends! This is our retirement plan – something Kris and I will do together way into our “senior years”….excited for you to follow or join the journey with us!

Let’s connect and see how we can bring you & yours Comfort For Life!

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