Affordable Mother’s Day Luxury!

Want to give Mom something that she will use every day, treasure and think of you each time she uses her gift? Our products help people! Private Quarters is all about being comfortable and getting quality sleep so you awake each day refreshed! Most people need to experience our products before they understand why people get so excited about them. We invite you to visit our in-home boutique. Or we can bring samples to you at your convenience at your home or office. In addition to our amazing comfort, every one of our gifts come with a 60 Day Any Reason Guarantee – we promise your gift will surpass her expectations!!!

Here’s a few ideas to help you select the perfect, cozy gift for the special women in your life! We are here to help you!

If Mom has been complaining about not sleeping well, we can help her have a phenomenal night of sleep with our 7-Layer Sleep System. We can address issues like tossing and turning due to being hot or cold, perspiring or having pain. Our 7-Layer Sleep System helps people be more comfortable so they can get to sleep and stay asleep longer. We will create a bed that will be a retreat from the crazy world we live in – it will not only look beautiful but it will feel amazing every time they slip under the covers!

If they are cold when they sleep, think about our Serenity Plush Sheets or one of our snuggly blankets.

If they perspire while sleeping, they will love our Bamboo Sheets. Bamboo is more absorbent than cotton, always has a cool silky feel and is naturally antimicrobial (resists bacteria & mold growth!)

If they have pain like fibromyalgia, arthritis, gout – we have lightweight bedding that will not “hurt” on sensitive skin and joints. Plus the addition of our Deluxe Mattress Cover and Featherbed will remove pressure point pain….feels like you are sleeping on a cloud!

If you were thinking more about comfort that your Mom could wear, then take a peek at our Best-Selling Reversible Robe. Depending on how she feels, she can wear the plush or satin side next to her skin. This robe is is sumptuous – it makes the woman inside feel very glamorous and appreciated!

Our versatile Bamboo Pleated Lounge Dress looks fabulous dressed up, feels great next to the skin and is cozy for lounging around the house. Mom will appreciate how savvy  you are when you give her a gift that can be worn so many different ways – like getting 5 garments in one!

We look forward to helping you spoil the extraordinary women in your life….we are only a phone call, text or email away! Elizabeth & Kris Gronert (847) 502-8394,  We bring you Comfort For Life with Private Quarters!

April is Share The Comfort Month!

When we find something that makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE in our life we tend to get excited and tell everyone about it. Sometimes it may be as simple as a great movie or a fantastic meal at a new favorite restaurant. It may be a new vitamin or the best haircut…..all information that we want to share with the people aound us.

April is such a month….every April, Private Quarters donates 15% of our retail sales to the domestic violence and homeless shelters around the country. Our goal is to send $100,000 of comfort to the peope in our community who could use some comforting! We call this program “Share the Comfort.” Think about who you are shopping for this month (wedding, shower, baby, birthday, anniversary gifts – or perhaps you have someone going through something and you want to send a thoughtful, useful gift?) In April you can do your Gift Shopping or purchase some bedding/towels/comfortwear on your “WishList” and feel good knowing these purchases will benefit our shelters. You can see the List of shelters we are supporting by clicking here:

Kris and I will be celebrating our 4th Anniversary with PQ in June 2012….and we still are amazed each time we crawl into our bed on how remarkable it feels and what a difference it has made on our sleep experience. We would love a chance to “share” that with you and the people you care about. With our 60 day any reason guarantee – you have nothing to lose and I promise so much to gain! If you spend $300 to have improved sleep this next year….it will have cost you less than a dollar a day to achieve this (and your bedding will last many more years to come.)

Give PQ a try – I am only a phone call/text away at (847) 502-8394 or email me at  Kris and Elizabeth Gronert – we bring you Comfort For Life with Private Quarters!

It is Time for Bamboo!

Kris and I live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago (in Palatine!) and it has been unbelievably warm the last few days…..and my phone started ringing (gotta love that!)  Many people started calling who attended our gatherings over the winter, learned that our Bamboo Sheets are more absorbent than cotton and felt how Bamboo Sheets are truly “cooler to the touch” than the other sheets they felt! Time to give PQ Bamboo a try with this dramatic change in the weather! We know you will fall in love with PQ Bamboo! (Just like the models wearing Bamboo in the photo below!)

With the weather turning warmer, many are thinking about “Bamboo” because it is much more absorbent than cotton and it has a cool, silky feel against the skin. And it is naturally antimicrobial – so it resists bacterial & fungal growth/ smells! We have Bamboo Sheets,

Our beautiful woven Bamboo Blanket (a favorite for a special wedding gift…… and ideal layer all year long – great over our Bamboo Sheets for the warmer months and the perfect medium layer between sheets and your comforter in the Fall/Winter!),

our Bamboo Towels are naturally silky soft (no chemicals!), dry quickly and resist that weird “stinky towel smell” – the best towels for those who seem to forget to hang up their wet towels!

And a Collection of Bamboo Comfortwear to wear during the day, evening and for sleeping!

Please take a peek at my previous post for a video of the versatility of our Bamboo Comfortwear Collection!

Please share this with your friends and family who would enjoy the benefits of Bamboo! We have samples for you to experience and try-on. We can bring them to your home or office. Or you can visit our In-Home Boutique in Palatine, Illinois. All our products come with our “Any Reason Guarantee” – they must surpass your expectations or we are happy to refund your purchase or exchange them!

Invite a few friends to learn about Private Quarters with you – receive FREE, Half-price and Specially priced Private Quarters Merchandise as our Thank you! You can contact Elizabeth by phone or text at (847) 502-8394, message on Facebook or email at We help you have Comfort For Life with Private Quarters!

Cozy Bamboo Comfortwear – lots of ideas for each piece!

Our Bamboo Comfortwear has been so popular that PQ added some additional garments for our Spring & Summer Catalog. You will love how amazing this fabric feels next to your skin. Bamboo is more absorbent than cotton so it is ideal for those who run warm or those who want to look & stay “cool” during the coming hot summer months! Click on the video below to see the versatility of each of our pieces – many looks from just one garment!

Don’t you just love all these great ideas! Be sure to share this with your friends and family who would enjoy these cozy ideas! We have samples you can try-on and experience. We can bring them to your home or office. Or you can visit our In-Home Boutique in Palatine, Illinois. Invite a few friends to learn about Private Quarters with you – receive FREE, Half-price and Specially priced Private Quarters Merchandise as our Thank you! You can contact Elizabeth by phone or text at (847) 502-8394, message on Facebook or email at We help you have Comfort For Life with Private Quarters!

Our Exclusive Brilliance Sheets & Duvets are here!!

Have you seen our beautiful new catalog? (If not, click on the Online Catalog link & check it out….want your own copy in the mail? Just let me know!) One of the first things you will notice is all the beautiful new bedding called Brilliance – a fabric we developed per requests from our clients! Watch this video to learn why we are so excited to offer these Exclusive Private Quarters Linens!!


Remarkable, huh? Be the first to have this amazing bedding in your home, property, B&B, Boutique Hotel….with a little bit of planning we can offer it to you for FREE or Half-price. Call or text me, Elizabeth Anthony Gronert at (847) 502-8394 or email at to find out how! Can’t wait to share with you!! Learn more about having Comfort For Life!

First Private Quarters Online Sale

Private Quarters is having its first Online Sale!!  Items like our famous Serenity Plush Sheets in a NEW Color, Sage Green (Olive) 50% off, Plush Pants (Reg $35, only $7.99), Northwoods Vest (50% off at $24.99), Plush Robes (were $59.99 now $17.99), Plush Slipper (were $24.99 now $5.99) and much more available for 20-70% off!

Click on the link below and be taken directly to my Private Quarters Website, then click on the Sale Banner with the Red Christmas Ornaments to view the sale items & place an order:

Any questions or need help, I am only a phone call away! (847) 502-8394 or email me at

Please forward this information and share with those you know who will love PQ as much as we do!

Have a blessed holiday!!

Elizabeth and Kris Gronert bringing you Comfort For Life!

Thoughtful Gifts for the People We Care About!

It’s that time again….everyone racing around to find just the perfect gift for the special people in our lives!! With Private Quarters we will save you time and money….and you may shop from the comfort of your home, office or visit our in-home boutique in Palatine! Our products are sensible gifts that people will use every day….and they will think of you when they use their gift. Our products are so lush and cozy that you will enhance their soft surroundings in their home, offer relaxaton in our comfortwear and improve the quality of their sleep with our bedding! Here’s a few ideas to get you started!

  • Our Best Selling Serenity Plush Sheets (some of us call them the “Naked Sheets” – check them out on pages 16-17A in our catalog) are one of our Guest Specials this month….you can get up to 3 sets for 40% off with a Regular Price Purchase of $75-$225! These are especially appreciated by those who love cozy, run cold when they sleep or are ready for something different! Great gift for those “who have everything!” See all the December Guest Specials you can take advantage of on your order by clicking here:
  • If you have someone on your list who perspires or has “flashes” while sleeping, they will love our Bamboo Sheets and Comfortwear. Bamboo is more absorbent than cotton, always has a cool silky feel and is naturally antimicrobial (resists bacteria & mold growth!) It has the most amazing drape and feel against your body!! Sheets are on page 19C, Baby Doll p.45B or 53E, Pant p.51E, Nightshirt p.52B, Tee p.51B, Boxers p.51C, Robe p.52A
  • If someone has pain like fibromyalgia, arthritis, gout, lupus, scleroderma, etc or going through treatments like chemo or radiation – we have lightweight, soothing bedding that will not “hurt” on sensitive skin and joints. Plus the addition of our Deluxe Mattress Pad (p.11B) and Deluxe Featherbed (p.13C) will remove pressure point pain….feels like you are sleeping on a cloud!
  • Visit the 7 Layers Of Bliss Tab on our blog to view a video on each layer of our Blissful Bed for more ideas on how to have more restorative sleep!

Our Comfortwear will make you a hero in their eyes – take a look at this video for more Gift Ideas!

[wpvideo zGE5Dcve]


We know how to simplify your life – your shopping is done with one visit, phone call or email!! Call or Text Elizabeth Anthony Gronert at (847) 502-8394 or email  We bring you Comfort For Life with Private Quarters!!

Join PQ in November & Get our Bow Tote Absolutely FREE!

Yep – it is true! Our business is up 326% over last year at this time….if you have been thinking, I wonder how Private Quarters might work for me….now is the time to stick your toe in the water and check it out….or if you know someone who is working 20 hours a week to earn $200…let’s help them earn that in 3-6 hours with Private Quarters – perfect business or extra cash for busy people who care about people!

People are shopping at Full-Speed for their Holiday Gifts…get some FREE, Half-price and 60% off PQ for yourself or gifts by having a few folks over. Introduce them to what a great Health & Gift Resource PQ is! The most common reason people look at PQ is to help them have more restorative sleep every night in their own home; to help those they care about have a better sleep experience or to give the most thoughtful gifts to the imporatnt people in their life.

We have lots of options to open an account:

$39.99 ($34.99 Kit + $5 Shipping) Plus Tax = around $43

$139.99 + Shipping & Tax = around $175

$199.99 + Shipping & Tax = around $235

In November, all new accounts will receive our Beautiful Bow Tote in Brown as a Gift! Bow Tote

Let’s discuss which opportunity fits you best. Call, text Elizabeth Anthony Gronert at (847) 502-8394 or email at  We help you have Comfort For Life!

Start Your Own Business With Private Quarters for Only $39.99 plus tax!

Just in time for Holiday  Shopping – Private Quarters has created a Kwik Kit – our Custom Catalog Tote with a variety of swatches that you can share with your friends! If they love to “catalog or online shop” this is a superior shopping experience with swatches of the fabrics they are looking at!

Open your Private Quarters Account with our New Kwik Kit is as Easy as 1-2-3!

1. Enroll with Private Quarters and choose the Kwik Kit for $39.99 plus tax. Your Kwik Kit includes everything you need to start your new or add-in business including fabric swatches of our best selling items, catalogs, order forms and our custom tote bag.

2. Earn Immediate Income! Hold your first Private Quarters Personal Shopping Experiences, you can take orders from your friends, website and begin earning income immediately!

3. Get FREE Merchandise! Private Quarters has a Fast Start Incentive that you can receive $650 FREE and MORE – your Sponsor and Upline Leader will show you how you can earn these generous rewards for just “doing your business” by submitting orders and inviting others to represent Private Quarters in your first 40 days!

Here’s What is Included in Your Quik Kit for $34.99 plus $5 S & H plus applicable tax:

  • 20% Standard Discount Off Retail on any Private Quarters Product Samples or Items You Need For Your Home That You Wish To Order
  • Your Own Private Quarters Website where you can take orders from friends, family and associates earning you full profit and bonus.
  • 3 Month Free Subscription to Private Quarters Comfort Talk e-Newsletter
  • 5 Swatches of Private Quarters Most Popular Fabrics: Heathered Sherpa, NorthWoods, Bamboo Towel, Serenity Plush Sheets, Supima Towel (Assorted Colors)
  • 12 Private Quarters Catalogs
  • 24 Private Quarters Order Forms
  • Custom Private Quarters Catalog View Tote

Enroll now by going to my website and clicking on “Join My Team” at or call me and let’s walk through the process together. I promise you are never alone in our organization…we partner with our team – so much easier to walk a path with someone who has successfully navigated before!

This month my Private Quarters Organization is up 258% over last year – we have been up TRIPLE DIGITS ALL YEAR…sound like something you would like to check out? With a $40 Start-up Cost and our 60 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee for our Products…what do you have to lose?

We bring you Comfort For Life with Private Quarters, Elizabeth Anthony Gronert, Phone (847) 502-8394 (text too) or email

It’s that time again! July Clearance Sale 50-80% off many of your favorites!

Wow – where has the time gone! We have less than a month left for our current catalog of cozy goodies. Our focus is to help you sleep healthier & cozier every night in your home. And to help you give the most thoughtful gifts to the people you care about….for your personal and business gifting. Right now, many items that are not continuing into our Fall Catalog are available for 50-80% off…lots of scrumptious sheets, comfortwear and gifts you may need in the coming months at an unbelievable price!

Here’s the link to our sale (look now since it is while quantities last!):

Kris and I just returned from our 10 day trip to Hawaii, compliments of Private Quarters! Let’s keep the party going – join us this Saturday for a “Hawaiian Breakfast” in our home July 9 from 10-1. Kris will be serving his famous Eggs Benedict with Bloody Marys, Mimosas & now infamous “Dirty Birds.” Wear your family appropriate Hawaiian Gear & receive 10% off all comfortwear! We will have the 50-80% off Sale Items on display at our in-home boutique! Bring a friend new to our business & receive a $25 Gift Certificate when they purchase or book! We will demonstrate how to build a bed for more restorative sleep.

If the 9th won’t work, we can plan a time for you to stop by or I can bring samples to you! Email, Phone & Text Orders too!

This is a great time to hold a PQ Get-together with a few friends you enjoy shopping with! They will love getting great deals at 50-80% off, plus they will want to book to see all that is in our New Fall Catalog launching August 1st! Click here to see our July Host Specials:

Hold a Private Quarters Touch Tote/Book Party – take a small tote bag filled with product to work, church, the neighborhood to collect sales & receive FREE, Half-Price and 60% Off Specials!

Need Gifts? We have what you need…only a phone call or email away!

It is definitely time to shop for our cotton products….price of cotton has gone up and I am sure we will see higher prices on many items in our new catalog out August 1st!

Let me know if we can help! My name is Elizabeth Anthony Gronert bringing you Comfort For Life with Private Quarters. My phone is (847) 502-8394 or email at